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10 moments you could live in La Palma

La Palma is a lost island paradise, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the Western African coasts. It is part of the Canary Islands group, which is known for being a popular destination with big resorts and crowded beaches. Being less accessible, La Palma is considered as the quieter one out of the 7 islands. […]

Working Experience in Australia

Working Experience in Australia A moment lived in Australia by Becca, a traveler from Germany My best and also worst travel experience are the same. I was working on a cattle station in Western Australia a couple weeks after arriving in this country. It was the last week of my 88 farm work days. In […]

Floating Above Cloud Nine

Floating Above Cloud Nine A moment lived in Australia by Life…One Big Aventure, a traveler from Australia   Ever thought about doing a balloon flight? Life is good! How good is it when something you have been dreaming about for a long time, actually comes off? That is exactly what happened to me recently when […]

10 moments you could live in Croatia

Summarising Croatia in a top 10 moments is not easy as the country has too much to offer and is very diverse in many ways. Croatia is an ex-Yugoslavian republic located in the Balkans in Eastern Europe. The coastline faces more than a thousand islands, while its heart is filled with green forests, rocky mountains, deep canyons and […]

How long is 24 hours?

How long is 24 hours A moment lived in Iceland by SiDash Travels, a traveling couple from the United Kingdom. When travelling, one day can pass too quickly. After anticipating something for so long, time often comes and goes faster than we’d like. Unfortunately, travel has its dark periods too, and sometimes a mere 24 […]

Amazonia: Did you know…?

The Amazon Rainforest is a very particular part of our planet, often presented as the lung of Earth, as 20% of our oxygen is produced by its trees. But there are other facts that you should know about it! The largest rainforest on Earth… Amazonia is the world’s biggest rainforest; larger than the next two […]

Moroccan Hospitality :)

 Moroccan Hospitality A moment lived in Morocco by Maxime, a traveler from France. A few months ago, my girlfriend and I travelled for the first time to Essaouira, Morocco. After a few days spent there enjoying the beach and visiting the city, we decided to rent a motorbike to go around. The sun was shining, the road […]

South Africa – a journey of a young mind and spirit

South Africa – a journey of a young mind and spirit A moment lived in South Africa by Life…One Big Aventure, a traveler from Australia Travel bug Never was there a greener or more naïve traveler. I was your typical ‘babe in the woods’, and yet I had left the woods, or Australian bush, and […]

10 moments you could live in Norway

  Norway is one of these countries you won’t believe your eyes! Located along the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula, it was once the home of the vikings. There can be found dramatic sceneries with deep coastal fjords that where formed when the glacial erosive process started 2, 5 million years before present. Part of […]

Reflections around the World

Mirrors, water, lights… Sometimes these elements offer some amazing reflection effects, opening doors on a poetic World. It takes a lot of patience, and a bit of luck for the photographs to capture these temporary moments, but the result is worthy. Enjoy some reflection pictures taken around the World. Glacier National Park, Canada New York […]