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10 moments you could live in Norway

  Norway is one of these countries you won’t believe your eyes! Located along the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula, it was once the home of the vikings. There can be found dramatic sceneries with deep coastal fjords that where formed when the glacial erosive process started 2, 5 million years before present. Part of […]

Reflections around the World

Mirrors, water, lights… Sometimes these elements offer some amazing reflection effects, opening doors on a poetic World. It takes a lot of patience, and a bit of luck for the photographs to capture these temporary moments, but the result is worthy. Enjoy some reflection pictures taken around the World. Glacier National Park, Canada New York […]

Turkish Delights…Sun, Surf, Sand…and History

Turkish Delights…Sun, Surf, Sand…and History A moment lived in Turkey by Life…One Big Aventure, a traveler from Australia My promise… I cannot tell a lie. I broke a promise. The promise was that this holiday would be just that – a holiday. No ruins, no museums, no cultural sites or sights. But, a visit Turkey? […]

The secret water slide in the middle of nowhere

The secret water slide in the middle of nowhere A moment lived in Australia by Becca, a traveler from Germany Hello, my name is Becca and I am traveling for quite a while now, but sometimes we get stuck in one place. This time it was a tiny place on the east coast of Australia. […]

10 moments you could live in Slovakia – Mala Fatra

Slovakia is a small republic located in Eastern Europe between Poland and Hungary. It is filled with mountains as the Carpathian range “the Tatras” starts here and expands through Romania. Despite its small size, Slovakia has a lot to offer in terms of nature, wildlife, culture and food. A great place to spend a winter holiday […]

Life’s tough my darling so are we!

Life’s tough my darling, so are we! A moment lived in Thailand by Sheena, a traveler from India Let me begin by stating a fact that I have never returned the same person who first embarked upon the journey. I am not sure if that’s how I feel or if it’s something most travelers experience […]

Transformational Trip to India

Transformational Trip to India A moment lived in India by Simon, a traveler from United Kingdom This was my first trip to India and in fact, outside of Europe and the US. A true westerner! I had no idea what to expect, although I did know that I’d be embarking on a new adventure into […]

What happens when you turn a corner in Norway!

What happens when you turn a corner in Norway! A moment lived in Norway by Georgina Mckimm, a traveler from United Kingdom On February 22nd 2016, I moved into my VW Caddy and have been living in it ever since. One Van and No Plan is literally what it says on the tin! I live […]

10 moments you could live in Madeira

  Madeira, you’ve certainly heard the name before but what do you really know about the island? Probably not much unless you have been there. This paradise is somewhere lost in the Atlantic ocean 1000 km away from Lisbon which has daily flights. Madeira offers a lot for nature lovers with breathtaking and diverse landscapes and […]

The first adventure of many

The first adventure of many A moment lived in Scotland by Jen Rose, a traveller from Scotland Traveling, an impossible idea… The first adventure of many. At just eighteen, I was certain that I wanted to travel. With my older brother jetting off on new adventures every few months I was itching to see the world for […]