Transformational Trip India

Transformational Trip to India

A moment lived in India by Simon, a traveler from United Kingdom

This was my first trip to India and in fact, outside of Europe and the US. A true westerner! I had no idea what to expect, although I did know that I’d be embarking on a new adventure into a completely new world. I was right. I was visiting for a week for a friends’ wedding and had no idea what to expect from one of India’s upcoming cities.

It took me some time to get used to such different conditions, lifestyle and standards of living. Rich living in the pockets of the poor, poor living in the backyards of the rich. Dust & pollution almost completely blocking out the power of the sun, which I’m used to being so bright it burns my face. Roads that are as chaotic as life at 8am in the London underground. Thinking twice about drinking water from a tap. These are just a few things I had to get used to in India during the first few days…

The moment I was to highlight however was short, and yet it is permanently etched on my memory. A moment that has changed how I see the world, forever. This moment is about being humble. Appreciating life for what really matters, and enjoying each and every moment with those you care about and love. It’s about not being afraid of difference, in fact, it’s about embracing difference and learning from it. Something The West, especially in times when Presidents like Trump reign, can learn so much from….

I was with some friends boarding a boat to the Buddha Statue across the Hussain Sagar lake. The journey was around 15 minutes. As we left the port, I saw on the boat with us a group of school children with their teacher, who were singing and dancing, celebrating like they had won the world cup. They approached us all with warm, curious hearts, asking us where we were from, why we were here and taking photos with us. They were so delighted to have met westerners, we were the first white people they had met. I was overwhelmed with the innocence and trusting approach of these kids. The teacher was, in fact, the ring leader of the chants and songs. So different to my school days, being told to be quiet on school trips and behave. These kids were encouraged to express themselves, and it was clear how much they respected their teacher as a result. It was so refreshing to see children approaching difference with positive intent, warmth and not fearful of difference. Despite being financially poor they were incredibly rich in energy and lust for life.

Here is a video of this moment, enjoy :)

bike ride India

Bike ride in night from Leh to Sarchu

A moment lived in India by Sachendra Pal, a traveller from India

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”

Many of us have enchanted the beauty of Ladakh and experienced the best of roads between the mighty hills. But there are some patches which really test your driving skills. Whenever you visit Ladakh everyone suggests you to start early and halt somewhere before the sunset because night driving is strictly a big NO! Now there are some of the exceptions and I am one of them. I am sharing the story of my 80 km night ride till Sarchu and it would remain the bravest of journey I ever did.
In order to do some extra photo shoot at Pangong Lake in the morning, I left later at around 09:30 in the morning while my group left early at 07:30. and we had to come to Karu, fill up our Petrol tanks and ride towards Sarchu. So, in total, we had to cover 380 km which was covering the ChangLa Pass, TanglangLa Pass, NakeeLa Pass with around 200 km of Off Road riding.

My group was around 30-40 km ahead of me. With no communication and any place to halt in between, i had to cover 80 km more to reach Sarchu. Now it seems to be the daunting task for me, right? And that too ALONE. A maddening task but remember the saying “When It Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going” After 8 PM there was no light. Through my Bull’s headlight, barely I could see more than 10 meters ahead of me. With shooting stone mountains on my right and long trench on my left, I was riding cautiously at 2nd Gear and my speed could rarely exceed 30 km/ph. With God’s grace, I was lucky to see a rare vehicle after 15-20 mins of driving. I was having strong feeling that what would I do if some strange activity happens or someone with knife come on my way? Add to the worst, each and every ghost story came in my mind. At one point, I felt that someone touched my right shoulder and whispered something into my ears. But i concentrated on driving and didn’t look anywhere else. With the temperature dipping very fast(around 5 degrees), my body was shivering and my hands were freezing. After every 20 min I stopped and held silencer with both hands to get some heat and keep blood flowing.
Little I knew that I was going to pass the NakeeLa Pass (2nd highest pass on Leh-Manali Route) and what followed it was the Gata Loops, 21 Hair Pin Bends. I remember that i was at the top of NakeeLa Pass and a board there stating “Gata Loop Starts”. I could see Tail-Lights of a car right down the hill. Then i asked myself “How much time would it take to pass this mighty hill and catch that car?”. But within few mins that car vanished too. I kept on looping around the hill and it took 20 mins to complete the beautiful hair pin bends. It seemed like I was driving on Formula 1 circuit. That was the famous Gata Loops.

When you complete the Gata Loops, after few km, there comes a bridge which lets you cross the river. Believe me, when I crossed it, the bridge produced a sound that it might collapse soon. Just imagine in the pin drop silence suddenly if you hear a sound what would happen? That sound terrified me a lot and add to the worst, after crossing the bridge I stranded at a junction with no idea what path to chose(There was no sign for Sarchu). Luckily I chose to go right and there I saw a board(sigh of relief).

After riding few km more, just before Sarchu, there was a water passing and i had to drive against that water passing as you can see in the pic.
Finally at around 10:30 PM I found my Adventure Camp and most importantly my group. They had also reached around 20 mins before me. When they heard the voice of my bike, one of my guy came out and waived hand and told me to directly come inside the restaurant. After entering in the restaurant, everyone clapped and applauded me and asked “How did you make it so far? We thought you might take halt somewhere in the middle.” I said, “To catch you all, I came so far!” With that note and temperature dipped to around 2 degrees, everyone Cheered!

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credit photo : Sachendra Pal