Kia Ora The Catlins!

A moment lived in New Zealand by Lisouille, a traveller from France

During my stay in New Zealand I discover paradise!
You don’t believe me?

So how do you call a place where You stand on a breathtaking cliff and see the perfect sunset (You know the colourful one with orange, pink, blue and red…).
On this cliff, turn your eyes to the east, You will discover yellow-eyed penguins. They are usually turning back from the hunt and share food with their babies. Honestly it’s the cuttiest thing I’ve ever seen. Now imagine yourself standing on this cliff with me…listen to their sound. Magical, isn’t it?!?

If you think this is the end of this wonderful place, you’re wrong! Turn your head to the west, You’ll discover Hector’s dolphins (only in New Zealand the “Maui’s” are the smallest of the dolphins). It’s a marvellous time while You’re watching these dolphins having fun with the waves!

So? Now you trust me?

The Catlins is a major highlight of the Southern Scenic Route in kiwi’s land. You travel through forests, coastlines, hidden lakes and stunning waterfalls. This natural landscape is fascinating and the wildlife is extraordinary!

I’ve been in Curio and Porpoise bays several times and every time I’m bemused! It is a perfect place to care for wildlife and swim with dolphins. If You want to respect them, You just have to wait for them, Hector’s dolphins will come around You. Fascinating!

One day while my boyfriend and I were having fun swimming with the dolphins around us, we thought a dog was coming. In reality it was a sealion… I try to take a picture of it and that was not the thing to do… Pieces of advice, if you swim with a sealion, go away! Seals and sealions may look placid but they are powerful, wild predators and can be very dangerous if they are approached too close. Since there are very curious, they like to come around You and it’s really scary. Amazing but Scary!

Just one more thing: perfection doesn’t exit! The Catlin’s is near Slope Point (the southernmost point of the South Island in New Zealand), so guess what? It’s freezing cold. Especially for a girl coming from the French Riviera Coast, I admit…I spend most of my time shivering!
But you know, if you want to swim with sea lions, penguins and dolphins you have to deserve it!

I can only recommend You to discover this magical place.
It’s a changing life experience!

credit photo: Lisouille