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After the desert

A moment lived in Kazakhstan  by Nico, a traveller from Belgium

Four years ago I was travelling with a friend by bike from Europe across Central Asia until the Chinese border. It took us almost 6 months and it was worth it every K out of 7000. In Kazakhstan we cycled through 600km of desert. This is probably the biggest mental and physical challenge I ever took.. From endless horizon to sandy tracks breathing dust offered by the trucks we kept cycling until Beyneu the first city we’ve seen in 7 days.
We were exhausted and covered with a thick layer of dust. Entering the city a 4×4 passed next to us and the driver asked if we just crossed the beast. We said yes! His only words were “follow me”.
We proceeded even if it was a pain to follow the car as he was driving quite fast. He finally stopped and entered a courtyard in front of a building, got off the car knocked on a door. We still had no clue where we were. A man opened the door and the driver spoke to him in Kasakh. Obviously, in a hurry, he helped us to bring the bikes in the building and said something like “This guy is here for you, ask him anything”- then he left without even saying his name.
Well, this is where it became the best moment of my life. The tenant came with some towels and led us to a changing room. Once we were ready he told us to go through this door. There was water falling from the walls like a huge shower room and bassins. the water would never stop. it was nice and perfect. we kept filling the bassins and throwing the water on our burned and damaged bodies.
there was a sauna as well. We haven’t seen so much water for so long!
After 2hrs of paradise we went to the restaurant side, it was only us and we got offered fresh cold beers as well.
This was the best reward I could ever imagine after this crazy leg of the trip. We didn’t have the chance to thank the driver but we will remember forever.

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credit photo : Nico