Waterslide Australia, National Park Australia

The secret water slide in the middle of nowhere

A moment lived in Australia by Becca, a traveler from Germany

Hello, my name is Becca and I am traveling for quite a while now, but sometimes we get stuck in one place.
This time it was a tiny place on the east coast of Australia. After a while I made friends while working on local farms and we spend some time together, exploring the surroundings and doing fun things like rock climbing and more.

The story I would like to tell you is when we went on an adventure in one of the near by national parks. The owner was an old man, that lived there for a long time. My friends heard about it from their family, because back in the days it was a well known place for it’s famous natural water slide. But because of injuries it got closed for mostly all visitors. We were able to get a special permit and walked up the mountain to explore this great area again.

Everything was over grown by plants and we didn’t know exactly where to go. It looked like an old path that we followed and we found this great place, a natural water slide. The water was clear and we were able to fill our water bottles up at the top of the waterfall as well.
It was fun to slide down to rocks and the cold water was refreshing. Somebody hit a little board behind a bush for others to use. It made the way down even more fun.
After a while, we decided to go leave and started our way back.

But we got lost and needed an hour longer trying to find the walking track. It was scary!
Our phones didn’t work, the GPS was playing up and we hurt ourselves by walking through bushes and thorns. We tried to find the path by walking into one direction, further up the mountain.
What we didn’t know was that we walked parallel to the exciting path the whole time.
Finally, we made our way back and were released to be back in civilization.

We definitely understand the owners fear of people getting hurt or lost. His policy is calling the police an hour after the time you tell him you would come back from the walk. Since we went up there, he opened it up again for visitors, as log as they follow his rules of reporting to him, when they go and when they exacted to be back.

Next time we go for an adventure, we are going to take duck tape and mark the way to find back home easier!

This traveller has a blog : Kanguru Adventure

credit photo: Becca


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