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Inspired by Iceland

A moment lived in Iceland by Georgina Mckimm, a traveller from United Kingdom
Inspired by Iceland…
Sometimes the day to day grind of life makes you forget your passions and dreams. It makes you think, it’s all about earning lots of money to buy things you don’t actually want or need. From a young age society drills into you, it’s all about getting a good education, to get a good job, to earn lots of money, to buy a house and settle down into a life that gives you the same outcome year after year.
For me, it took 30 years and one adventure through Iceland to realise that actually this life I have been working so hard for is not the life I want to lead. Que Iceland…
I booked the flights and then brought a map of Iceland, deciding the best way for me to experience the country was to hire a campervan and drive it.
Believe me, it was an incredible way to explore the country. Witnessing the ever changing landscapes, falling asleep under the enchanting Northern lights and waking up next to the most mesmerising waterfalls.
Then one morning it hit me. I woke up stepped out of the van and sat and had my morning pee here……

I felt overcome with emotion and I felt grateful and blessed that I was there in that moment. I was peeing in the middle of nowhere, not a soul in sight watching seals potter about with their morning. I got back into the van and went through the whole if I was at home now I would have woke up in the same bedroom as I always do. I would have used the same bathroom as I always do. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could wake up to a different experience every day?

This trip literally woke me up from everything I was working towards. For the first time in 6 years I woke up without the stress of work, no phone, no emails and I felt free. Even though I had researched the island and planned to drive the ring road, no amount of planning could have prepared me for the experience this trip gave me. Yes, it was only 6 days, but I did not miss the ease of cleaning my teeth in a sink with running water. I did not miss the ease of boiling a kettle and I surprisingly didn’t miss being able to just turn the heating on when I got cold. I also 100% did not miss my phone. I really enjoyed beginning able to sit back and just appreciate what was there in front of me. I was able to appreciate what was there in that moment and the feeling that it all gave me.
The fact that when I got back from Iceland the following day I would be catching a flight to hotel resort in Egypt didn’t seem as appealing as it did before.

…Enlighten in Egypt
Now in the complete polar opposite to where I had just been, sitting on my sun bed reliving all the incredible things I had just experienced in Iceland. I’m thinking about the holidays I had been on in the past and how little of each country I had actually seen. This needed to change, so no more package holidays everywhere I go I want to explore.
I had brought a book with me to read on this holiday, a book I had been trying to read since the summer. A great friend of mine lent it to me she said it changed her life. I finished it within two days and snap it changed my life too. The book if you haven’t already read it is a must, it’s called ‘The Secret‘
by Rhonda Byrne. There must have been a reason I didn’t get round to reading it in the summer because this holiday just felt like everything had come together. Iceland had just woken me and shown me what life is really about and ‘ The Secret ‘ had just given me the mindset to actually start leading that life…

This traveller has a blog : Wake up to the World

credit photo : flickr.com
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