What’s My Travel Moment?

My Travel Moment is a collaborative travel blog where you can read articles about inspiring stories, interviews of adventurers and news about topics we like (environment, impact of tourism..). My Travel Moment is also a place where you can post your own story. Travel broadens the mind. Everyone returns from each trip with a new fun fact, a new “Oh shit” moment, new friends, and new skills thanks to the exceptional experiences had. You’re never completely the same person when you return. My Travel Moment is the occasion for all of us to share this moment with the rest of the world and to learn from others.

Who are at the origins of this website?

My Travel Moment is a brainchild of two friends united by their fascination of traveling; Maxime Quantin and Nicolas D’Hoedt. Between them, they have traveled to more than 60 countries. Maxime is the “brain” behind this project, and is in charge of the marketing and development of the website. Nicolas takes care of the graphic aspect of the site.

How does it work?

Everyone can share a moment. Every day, new moments are published, you can read them by publication date, by selecting a country on the map, by random selection or by using the search tool.

Interested in a particular moment? Then go ahead and vote for it by clicking on the “Like” button. It’s always rewarding as an author to see that people enjoy your moment. A huge fan? Share it on Facebook, Twitter or by email, by clicking on the dedicated icons.

Want to collaborate?

You have a story that you want to share? You’re a blogger and are looking for a collaboration that will drive some extra traffic to your blog? My Travel Moment is the place for you!

What kind of text may I post?

My Travel Moment is focused on inspiring moments that you lived during a trip. We want you to describe this moment (mishap, crazy experience, people that you met) and to tell us what did you learn from this. To sum up, we want to read your personal story!

The goal is not to post a text to give tips about where to go, where to sleep, what to do… This kind of useful information can be found in thousand of blogs, websites.

We’re not talking here about general travel information, but more about personal story, feelings, unique moment. What made for you this trip unforgettable…

How may I post a moment?

It’s easy! You can submit a travel story through the page Share your moment

Once you’re on the submission page, you simply need to write your story and fill in the boxes as you go. Specify the country where you experienced this moment. Give your moment a title, download your image and, fill the contact details (name and surname + your email address). You have a blog? Don’t forget to add a link to your personal blog.

I just wrote my story, when is it going to be published?

After filling the form to share a moment and clicking on submit, a notification will appear letting you know that the moment has been submitted. It will be published as soon as the team has read it and ensured that your text fits to the concept of the blog and that there are no violations of our guidelines in the story.

You will receive an email to inform you about the publication of your moment (which is really cool).

What are our guidelines?

First of all, to be published,  your text needs to correspond to the idea of My Travel Moment. A general presentation of a place (list of the airports to go there, of restaurants to eat etc…) is not what we’re looking for. Your text needs to tell a moment that you experienced.

The following criteria are considered violations of our guidelines:

Advertising or other commercial content.

Content that endorses or promotes illegal or harmful activity or violence. Also, content which is profane, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or discriminatory.

Political, religious, or social commentary.

Attempts to impersonate another person.

Content that is fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive.

What about the image I choose to illustrate my moment?

We encourage you to illustrate your moment using a photograph, in a “landscape format”.

This could be a picture which you took yourself or one you found on the internet.

Please remember to give the appropriate credit for any photo that you use. If you are the photographer, just add your name. If you have found the picture on Internet, please provide us with the link of the page where you found the picture.

It is prohibited to publish any photograph without providing appropriate recognition to the photographer.

You are responsible for the credit you provided. mytravelmoment.com won’t be responsible in the case of misleading or incorrect information.

If the picture you took has an offensive, sexual, vulgar character then we reserve the right to not publish your photo. In cases such as this, we will publish a photo of our selection.

If your picture is not of good quality, we will publish a photo of our selection.

Why do I need to provide some contact information to submit a moment?

To submit a moment, the following information is required:

  • A name/ID. Well, you share a moment – it’s yours. It’s important for us to state clearly who writes it. It will also helps to find your story in the search tool.
  • Your country: one of the most important aspects of traveling is to meet people from other cultures. A Japanese traveler in Italy won’t be necessarily surprised and amazed by the same thing as a Canadian traveler.
  • E-mail address: So that we can get in touch and let you know when your moment has been published.

I have a travel blog/website, can I share the link?

The mission of mytravelmoment.com is to allow each of us to share with everyone a nice story from our travels. If you have a blog or website related to traveling, please don’t hesitate to provide us the link and we will be happy to add it under your moment.

For publication of a commercial link, please contact us at contact@mytravelmoment.com

I’m looking for a specific moment that I read in the past. How may I find it?

By clicking on the search bar, which is next to the Google symbol in the top left corner.

You can find a moment by author name, country or by using a word from the title.

You’ve read a particular moment from a specific country but don’t remember the author or the name of the article. Use our interactive map. Click on the continent, then the country. The list of the moments related to this country will then appear under the map.

I love this site, I want to be informed to the publication of  new moments!

We are really delighted to see that you love mytravelmoment.com. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Some specific content appears on each of these sites. Sharing this website to as many people as possible will allow us to read new and fascinating moments every day!

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How can I contact you if I have an idea or suggestion to improve this website?

We will be happy to receive any suggestions that could help to improve our site. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via contact@mytravelmoment.com

Be informed of our last posts!