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It’s your turn to share your travel stories

You lived some inspiring travel moments and want to share them with everyone? You’re in the right spot!

Crazy experiences, “Oh shit” moments, amazing people you’ve met… you’re never completely the same after a trip. My Travel Moment is a shared blog focused on inspiring moments and what you learned from them. Reading your text will be an opportunity for others to learn something, to dream about a place, and, in turn, to travel.

What kind of post can I share?

A text of a maximum of 5000 characters and one picture to illustrate it. The text is focused on your experience; no need to give recommendations about “how to go to”, “what to eat/ where to sleep”. There are already plenty of websites when everyone can find recommendations. What we are interesting by in My Travel Moment, is what you experienced, the people you met and what you learnt from that.

An opportunity to promote your own blog

Posting on My Travel Moment could be a “one shot” experience for you, a first try before starting your own blog, or even a way to promote your existing blog, as you can add a direct link at the bottom of your moment.

Some moments are longer to tell than others.

Above the idea of travel moments, we do the difference between travel stories, “short article” illustrated with one picture and travel tales. The tales are longer (reading time ≥5min) and are illustrated by several pictures. The form below allows you to submit travel stories. For travel tales, please send directly a mail to, we will then work together to post your adventure.

Time now for us to stop talking, and to read your moment :)

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